Animal Nutrition & Supplementary Feeding Products

At PGG Wrightson Grain, we source our own grains to manufacture consistent and high quality grain-based loose feeds to support your animal health and profits. Maize, barley and wheat grain provide excellent sources of digestible energy through rich concentrations of starch. They are highly palatable to provide essential nutrients for ruminant animals (sheep, cattle, deer and goats) and other stock classes. Fed correctly alongside good forage, even small amounts of our cereal grains can be very effective at helping to eliminate productivity limitations from protein deficits.

PGG Wrightson Grain supplies bulk and bagged grain products to feed manufacturers and livestock producers. Grain and pulse products are supplied whole and in crushed or kibbled form. To meet specific requirements custom mixing of grain and pulse products is offered.

Products available:
  • Feed Maize - whole or kibbled
  • Feed Wheat - whole or crushed
  • Feed Barley - whole, crushed or meal
  • Feed Oats - whole or crushed
  • Feed Peas - whole or split
  • Faba Beans - whole or crushed
  • Feed Triticale


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