Cereal Seed

PGG Wrightson Grain produce and supply a significant number of proprietary cereal cultivars.  The portfolio includes milling, biscuit, and purple wheats, milling ryecorn, feed wheat, barley, triticale and oats.  The portfolio also includes proprietary cultivars for human consumption.

The seed portfolio is supported by extensive plant breeding and research and development programmes.  PGG Wrightson Grain has an established R&D infrastructure, extensive international plant breeding relationships, and research and trial sites throughout New Zealand.  Our breeding programmes are based on local research and international breeding relationships which enable new plant cultivars to be developed and commercialised for arable growers and the New Zealand market

Our seed production systems and processes ensure high quality certified seed is produced and marketed each year.  The business operates a Quality Assurance programme called SEEDTRAC® that ensures high quality seed is produced. The cultivars selected to be part of our product portfolio have demonstrated production benefits and advantages in trials over several years prior to commercialisation.

Cereal seed products are available from PGG Wrightson Field Representatives and Rural Supplies stores and from major seed merchants throughout New Zealand.

For a list of Cultivar Dossiers please click here

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