Calf Weaning & Shed Design

Caring for calves requires a delicate balance of nutrition, environment management, and proper weaning techniques. In the videos produced by PGG Wrightson below, you'll learn the basics of managing calf diets and calf shelter to produce healthy growth and rumen development, ensuring the best start for your future herd.

The videos offer guidance on formulating balanced calf diets, tips for ensuring a healthy environment, transitioning to solid feed, and implementing effective weaning strategies. The content is carefully curated by industry professionals who share a passion for raising healthy calves.

PGG Wrightson Grain produces a range of hard feeds that are cost-effective and carefully crafted with 100% NZ-grown grain and are specifically formulated for bringing calves through the weaning and post-weaning phases. In addition to the hard feeds for calves, the Gusto product range also has a wide variety of grain-based feeds that cater to many different livestock operations.

Post weaning management for calves

Learn about advice for post-weaning management to avoid risks associated with post-weaning while providing the best diet to transition out of weaning.

Successful meal feeding for calves

Meal-feeding management plays a critical role in the growing happy, healthy cow, learn some tips from Laura Pattie as to how you can best manage this.

Calf shed design tips

Technical Specialist Laura Pattie takes us through some helpful tips and tricks relating to calf shed design, and how you can apply them on your farm.

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