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Purple Wheat

Purple wheat is grown as a specialty grain for our New Zealand Flour Milling industry for use in specialty baked products such as whole grain and kibbled breads. It is a niche market and contracts are strongly advised. There are two commercially accepted cultivars one best suited to autumn and the other to spring planting. The same advantages (yield and grain quality) from early planting as for winter feed wheat apply to Purple wheat especially if dryland or irrigation is limited.

To preserve the colour intensity and falling number priority must be given at harvest. Purple wheat adds both aesthetic appeal and nutritional value to kibbled and whole grain products by increasing anti-oxidant levels and reducing glycaemic load. Like all crops, planning is essential prior to planting. Factors such as paddock selection and rotation markets all need to be considered and then the most suitable cultivar should be chosen to accommodate these factors. For more information click the below link for Tanzanite