02 Aug 2023

Cereal Seeds Guide 23/24

Whether you're an experienced cereal grower or are just starting out, the Cereal Seed Guide 2023/24 is the ideal place to start. Click the link below to download the digital version now.
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01 Aug 2023

Sarah Whiteman's Agronomist & Arable Farmer feature

The unique, yet similar, challenges for farmers in New Zealand and the UK
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Grain Field, latest Cultivar and fungicide results
20 Jul 2023

2020/2021 Wheat Cultivar x Fungicide Trial

Better understand disease strengths and weaknesses of each Cultivar with the 2020/2021 trial information.
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13 Jul 2023

Cropping Year Book article

PGG Wrightson Grain introduces pioneering wheat and triticale cultivars for growers.
Crops 22 guide that accompanied the presentations of the event
05 Dec 2022

Crops 22

The Crops 22 Guide is a publication that was accompanied by presentations on Annual Crops 22 Event Held in Early December.
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2023 Cropping Yearbook thumbnail
26 Jul 2022

Exciting new spring barley to transform yields

Read the latest article featured in the 2023 Cropping Yearbook.

This spring PGG Wrightson Grain will release SY Transformer into the market as a replacement to Sanette barley....
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Steve Shorter and Sarah Whiteman. Cropping Yearbook 2022
17 Jul 2021

The science of cereal breeding

Read the latest article about our cereal seed breeding program featured in the 2022 Cropping Yearbook.

The Cereal Seed business of PGG Wrightson Grain makes over 200 crosses for potential new cereal cultivars every year, as well as screening 300-400 new lines a year from several European breeding partners...

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Cereal Seeds logo 2021
01 Jun 2021

Cereal Seeds logo update

We have recently refreshed the Cereal Seeds logo to highlight the driving influences behind our products. These factors, “Science. Support. Success” can provide growers confidence about the products they purchase.
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Receiving and handling grain checklist
15 Feb 2021

Receiving and handling grain checklist

Grain, like any feed, can spoil if kept in unsuitable environments, be sure to follow this checklist when receiving & handling grain.
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Why Feed Grain
15 Feb 2021

Why Feed Grain?

Find out more about how wheat, barley and maize grain can be more beneficial for cows than PKE.
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Champion Flourmill
27 Nov 2020

New Zealand produced grain tells a good story

Champion Flour Milling takes another step toward ensuring the supply of domestic product is stable by signing a multi-year supply contract with Countdown involving New Zealand wheat.
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Gusto 20% CP Calf Pellets
24 Jul 2018

Gusto 20% CP Calf Pellets

Gusto 20% CP Calf Pellets provide a nutritionally balanced diet right through until weaning. Every batch manufactured includes the same ingredients, ensuring quality and consistency.
Gusto 20% CP Calf Pellets flyer
14 May 2018

Triticale as an altenative supplementary feed

Triticale is a proven alternative supplementary feed to wheat and barley. For dairy farmers, triticale grain delivers a viable high energy, moderate protein alternative to wheat or barley grain.
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Discovery Milling Wheat
06 Nov 2017

Discovery Milling Wheat

A versatile feed and potential premium II milling wheat, consistent high yielder across most sites and years. Sow from late April to early September
Ignite - Milling Wheat
31 Oct 2017

Ignite - Milling Wheat

Cereal Seed cultivar - Ignite Milling Wheat
Starfire - Feed Wheat
31 Oct 2017

Starfire - Feed Wheat

An extremely high yielding, winter feed wheat. Massive yield potential under early sowing and irrigation. Well suited to Canterbury and Southland regions.