About Cereal Seed

PGG Wrightson Grain produces and supplies a significant number of proprietary cereal cultivars. The portfolio includes milling, biscuit, feed and purple wheats, milling ryecorn, feed/malting barley and feed triticale. The seed portfolio is supported by extensive plant breeding research and development programmes (refer to research). The cultivars selected to be part of our product portfolio have demonstrated production benefits and advantages in trials over several years prior to commercialisation.

Our seed production systems and processes ensure high quality certified cereal seed is produced and marketed each year. We operate a SEEDTRACTM quality assurance programme which ensures the highest quality seed is produced. Track and Trace is at the heart of this system as is the inspection of crops during the growing season and the testing of seed during our dressing and treating operations. PGG Wrightson Grain aims to deliver the best quality, from production all the way to the customer.

Finally, we appreciate farmer support by purchasing certified seed. This support helps to ensure that we can continue our investment into new cultivar development for the benefit of all that are involved in our industry.