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Science is at the core of the extensive cultivar research and development programmes we undertake. These science-based programmes deliver plants with genetic traits identified to produce yield gains, quality improvements and disease resistance. The development of a new cultivar with the traits sought by growers and end-users does not end with the cultivar R&D programme. Product performance enhancements and developments continue through agronomic research and the continual evaluation of seed production and seed treatment options and processes that support the ultimate performance of the product. Our investment in R&D includes experienced and skilled people and the facilities that support their work to develop our product range of milling and feed wheats, malting and feed barleys, triticale, specialty grains and linseed.


Cereal Seeds cultivars are supported by agronomy research programmes that extend over several years for each product. These trials include fertiliser, agrichemical, planting date and sowing rate studies. These studies produce the product management recommendations that enable growers to maximise their crop performance outcomes. Retailers and distributors of our products receive training to provide field support to growers. In turn, these field staff are supported by our Product Development staff with up to date cultivar information and management recommendations. Our Product Development staff are also available by phone and email to support queries about products and their in-field management.


We measure the success of our cultivars by their performance in in-house trials, CPT trials and by the commercial performance feedback we receive from growers and end-users. Cereal Seeds products have a track record of success extending over many years. Growers can be assured that new Cereal Seeds products or cultivars are released to the market following an extensive Quality Assurance programme which ensures high quality certified seed is produced and marketed each year.

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