PGG Wrightson Grain has a strong focus on cereal agronomy with an extensive research program focusing on cultivar and product development. PGG Wrightson Grain is the only company in New Zealand investing in the continued research and development of new and existing cultivars, agronomy practices and continued training and support of our Arable Representatives and growers.

The primary aim of the cereal agronomy research program is to develop tailor made management packages for individual cultivars to ensure growers and end users get the best from our varieties. These management packages identify the ideal timings and sowing rates for drilling, as well as, preferred fungicide, PGR and fertiliser management to ensure our Arable Representatives and growers maximise grain productivity and profitability opportunities.

Similarly, the cereal agronomy trials programme undertakes independent agrichemical and fertiliser evaluation trials, to identify the best market fit for new arable products. The program also identifies and tests new technologies and techniques to improve production performance. The agrichemical trial focus ensures the programs PGG Wrightson supports in the market are effective, profitable and adhering to a resistance management strategy.

The PGG Wrightson Grain cereal agronomy program also provides technical support to Arable Representatives, Technical Field representatives and other industry bodies, as well as, hosting or contributing to conferences and field days, both internally and as part of the wider arable industry.

For further information please contact

Nick Brooks

Product Development Manager

Ashley Harrison

Agronomist – Cereal
Lincoln, Christchurch