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  • New high yielding, multipurpose spring barley 
  • Bred as a dual distilling / malting barley but with incredibly high grain yields
  • Excellent disease profile with good resistance to scald, leaf rust and mildew
  • Large grain, average test weights and very low screenings with low protein levels


From the proven Syngenta spring barley breeding programme, LAUREATE has been developed in New Zealand in conjunction with Cropmark Seeds Ltd as head licensee and PGG Wrightson Grain (PGW Grain).

LAUREATE barley is an extremely high yielding spring barley that is suitable for all end uses malting, distilling and feed. It has a slightly earlier maturity meaning it can be planted late or under dryland but has high yield potential with irrigation and appropriate inputs.


LAUREATE has high yield potential under all environments but has shown to excel when conditions turn dry. Under irrigation or high rainfall it requires appropriate straw management to prevent brackling so as to maintain its high yield potential.